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Chefs Judge and Mentor Penair School Heats

At the end of September, our ESF Curriculum Designer/Developers and Truro and Penwith College Lecturers Hannah Dome and Tony Duce attended Penair School to judge and mentor the school’s most talented young chefs for the Future Chef competition.

The ‘School Heats’ allowed the judges to pick two students ages 12-16 for future chef, a competition run by Springboard that is comprised of 4 stages and finishes on a National Final.

Chefs Hannah and Tony judged the students on their organisation, innovation, health and safety, techniques and skills as well as their finished dishes.

Hannah Dome said: “We were delighted to announce the winners as Jacob and Poppy. The competition was hard to judge this year as the standards were high! We also saw the winners of last year back to fight their titles! 

Everyone took time to plan their menus taking in to account provenance and seasonality, cooking methods shown were done with flair and enthusiasm. The winners really were outstanding the flavours and presentation showed really good potential for the regional final- watch this space!”