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Hospitality Journeys: Adam Kesacoff, The Aussie Smoker

Born and raised in Perth, Australia, living in the outdoors and being around a BBQ was just a way of life for Adam Kesacoff.

“Growing up, cooking BBQs and spending quality time with family and friends was an absolute must and it helped that our parks and beaches supplied BBQs to use for free. Charging my mates for a BBQ at my place wouldn’t be right, so ‘The Aussie Smoker’ was born and I started getting hired to cook BBQs for strangers.”

Adam’s wife is from Falmouth and it was only a matter of time before they came to Cornwall together to start a new venture.

“Cornwall is not that much different to Perth, the only thing missing was a good BBQ for all to enjoy. Anyone can burn a sausage or two but who has the ability to slow cook BBQ food for 12-16 hours and bring a taste of Australia to this beautiful part of the world.”

Growing up, Adam had always worked in a bar or as a waiter and loved interacting with people. He had always loved cooking but the idea of working as a chef in a hot indoor kitchen didn’t appeal to him as someone who loved being outdoors, so found a way of making it all work.

“The concept of ‘The Aussie Smoker’ was there for years but the timing never seemed right to take the plunge. I ended up being very ill a couple years after moving to Cornwall and when my wife asked me what I was going to do in terms of work, I nervously responded with “Cook BBQs” and have never looked back. It has been an amazing and scary journey but with all the planning and cooking for family and friends, it paid off.”

Adam’s friends and family were his harshest critics in order to perfect food for his customers, he then learnt his numbers – critical for running a business.

“I trusted my gut and whether things felt right or not, I always listened. When talking to a friend in Perth about ‘The Aussie Smoker’ he said: “Think of everything you do as an experiment and you are testing hypotheses. Somethings will prove it and somethings won’t.” 

Adam’s main aim is to be love every moment of his business and hopes that all the people he meets along the way has fun too, even if it is just for a few minutes.

“Everytime I hear the silence of someone eating my creation, just before they look up and smile at me, is just pure bliss. I’m a confident guy but I’m also always nervous before people eat my food. It always makes me so happy that they love it – it makes it all worth it.”

“My advice to anyone wanting to enter the hospitality industry or taking a risk would be: Do your research, check your numbers, don’t over commit and always have lots of fun – it’ll pay off!”