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Hospitality Journeys: Timothy Dean, Tim’s Place

Tim’s Place in Wadebridge has been open for seven years serving fresh Cornish food seven days a week and was created when Timothy Dean was just 18 years old.

“I moved to Cornwall from South Wales at 17 years old having been on holiday here frequently and took a job in a café and absolutely loved it. As I initially had no friends here, I worked seven days a week as to me it didn’t feel like work. I was so driven to improve, initially learning to make coffees, then cocktails and then eventually cooking”

Tim says that he is inspired by the people around him and loves connecting with customers and colleagues.

“After leaving the cafe I worked in a tea room as well as a pub in Port Isaac. I started cooking and loved the variation of cooking in both businesses.

I was fortunate to have a few job offers and alongside my family, I decided to open my own cafe at 18 years old. I knew I wanted to work in the industry as it didn’t feel like work and I’ve always loved what I do.”

Tim says that it’s the people that surround him which makes working in hospitality his passion.

“We’ve won lots of awards which is always an incredible achievement, but my greatest achievement would probably be the success of Private Dining which involves catering for weddings, dinner parties and events.”

In the future Tim would love to win a Michelin star in his own restaurant.

“My advice would be to work somewhere you’re proud of, especially if you’re putting in the hours. Work somewhere you would visit yourself or take friends and family. My aim has always been to create and serve food that I would love to eat, which is exactly what I do at Tim’s Place!”

Find out more about Tim’s Place here https://www.timothydean.co.uk/tims-place

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