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Hospitality Journeys: Kate Attlee, MasterChef/Private Dining at Kate Attlee

The Hospitality Table Cornwall team has been across the County speaking to some of Cornwall’s familiar hospitality faces to find out about their journey into the industry to help inspire and educate the next generation of hospitality professionals. This week we catch up with Kate Attlee (MasterChef / Private Dining At Kate Attlee).

“I started in the food industry much like many people – by accident. I worked in a bar and restaurant between my A-level years. During this period, I had my first encounter with Michelin level service; it felt like a light slowly came on, and I began to fall in love with the service industry.”

Kate trained in London at the River Café in Hammersmith and realised how extraordinary excellent service could really be.

“I returned to Cornwall to get married and went back to the first restaurant  I had worked in – this time as a Manager. I was gradually falling in love with cooking at home and becoming hungry for more experience and knowledge in that sphere.”

Kate spent a lot of time watching the chefs wherever she worked, while working hard at home to learn and cook more. She had also applied to MasterChef on a whim In 2017 and managed to reach the quarterfinal stage.

“I built a website, secured a column in Cornwall Today and then began posting about my food on Instagram while cooking at ticketed one-off events”

“My favourite thing about the industry is the freedom to express yourself creatively, the flexibility to work, and the sense of slowly finding a way to spend my days doing what I truly love while earning some money from it too!”

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