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Hospitality Journeys: Paul Goodwin, Hotel Manager, The Idle Rocks & St Mawes Hotel

The Hospitality Table Cornwall team has been across the County speaking to some of Cornwall’s familiar hospitality faces to find out about their journey into the industry to help inspire and educate the next generation of hospitality professionals…

We spoke to Paul Goodwin, Hotel Manager at the Idle Rocks & St Mawes Hotel..

Having spent some time travelling, Paul wanted to settle in Cornwall and bring his knowledge of good hospitality to this corner of Britain.

“I grew up in Cornwall and always wanted to return home after seeing a bit more of the world. I needed a career which would allow me to live and work in this beautiful county. Hospitality was the perfect choice as it meant I could work within Cornwall’s biggest industry – tourism.”

Starting his career at the Falmouth Beach Hotel, a 120-room hotel with spa and conference facilities, Paul quickly became multi-skilled across multiple service areas, including restaurant and event management.

 “The skills acquisition was my primary reward in my first role. For those starting out it can seem like progression takes time, but after four years of commitment and hard work I had gained enough experience to progress to senior management roles. “

Throughout his career so far, Paul has shown loyalty, commitment and an impeccable work ethic, which as an employer, he now looks for in other people.

“The Idle Rocks is one of the best hotels in the South West for leadership. We cultivate the right environment and processes in order to train and develop our staff. But being a friendly, approachable and enthusiastic person goes far in this industry”

Paul believes that his relationships with his staff and guests is an important part of his role. As a ‘people business’, giving your customers a memorable experience is everything. The customer journey starts before a guest has even arrived and continues even when they have left the hotel.

“Seeing our staff at The Idle Rocks grow and develop has been my biggest reward. I have seen such genuine, talented and friendly staff who have all contributed to making The Idle Rocks as good as it is. No one can teach the basic people skills, it comes naturally and working in hospitality all comes down to those key principles,” Paul said.